Kvareli Wine Cave დატოვე კომენტარი

Winery Khareba owns an unique and rare wine cellar located in Kvareli, in the Alazani Valley. Carved inside the Caucasus mountains and opened in 1962 for the OIV World Congress, the cellar/tunnel is 7,7 kilometers long. The best wines of the Kakheti region have been stored and aged here for decades. The tunnel preserves a natural temperature of 12-14° Celcius with a humidity rate of 70%; the ideal conditions for wine preservation. Tunnel consists of 2 main and 13 interconnecting 500 meter tunnels. The total length of the construction is 7.7 kilometers. There are two purposes of the tunnel : Tourism and winemaking. The visitor can see more than 25 000 bottles of Winery Khareba premium wines aging there and buy some of them available at unique and amazing inside shop.

Official Website: http://winery-khareba.com/en

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