Winery Khareba – Terjola wine cellar

In August 2011, Winery Khareba modernized its cellar in Terjola (Imereti) and today it is equipped with modern machinery including stainless steal tanks. Here, we produce our premium still and sparkling wines. 8000 years old winemaking method and innovative achievements of the 21st century are combined in the Terjola cellar. This is a place where more than 40 kinds of wines are produced using more than 20 different indigious grape varieties. We also own a 900 square meters aging cellar equipped with the best new French oak barrels. Distinguished representatives of western Georgian wines are: Tsitska, which is used for production of sparkling wine by application of classic methods, Krakhuna, Tsolikouri, Otskhanuri, Safere, Aladasturi, Usakhelouri.

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